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Our 'RCA Plugs to Bang & Olufsen 7-Pin DIN' cable allows you to connect any auxiliary source with RCA phono type output connections.


Simply connect your auxiliary equipment using the two RED and BLACK phono connector plugs at one end and your Bang & Olufsen at the other. Some of the various sources that this cable can be used with include: Satellite systems, DVD, Set-Top Boxes and AV receivers.


Connect the 7-pin DIN plug to your BeoSound's 'AUX' socket, select AUX (or A.AUX) as your source,and you are ready to enjoy the sound through your Bang & Olufsen audio system.


The cables can also connect to B&O 7-Pin input sockets such as TAPE, TAPE2 & CD. We do not recommend connecting to a PHONO designated socket.


Note: Please ensure that the equipment that you would like to connect has the RED and BLACK phono output connectors and that your B&O audio system has a 7-pin socket (If you would like a 5-pin version, please let us know at time of ordering).


Please also note that this cable is used to input sound to your Bang & Olufsen audio system and does not allow the sound to be output to other systems.




Compatibility List


Bang & Olufsen music systems with 5 or 7-pin DIN AUX input sockets










Technical Information


B&O 7-Pin Plug with internal shielding / metal inner

OFC multi-strand conductors

Fully shielded






B&O 5/7-Pin DIN AUX Plug

RCA Plugs



RCA Plugs to 7-Pin AUX/A.AUX DIN

  • Brand New 

Shipping outside of the United Kingdom is chargeable. Please contact us for a quotation before you checkout. Please also note that it will be your responsibility to pay any import taxes into your country

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