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Beovision 14-40 4K UHD is much more than a TV – it is a focal point for family entertainment in an expression of seamless elegance. It provides a vast number of integrated features that will satisfy all members of a family. Fantastic picture and sound performance all nicely wrapped in an elegant design, which can stand out or fit in as you prefer.


Key features of the BeoVision 14 include:


  • Design: Bang & Olufsen is known for its emphasis on design, and the BeoVision 14 likely features a premium and sophisticated design. The television may incorporate high-quality materials and a sleek aesthetic.

  • Display Technology: The television may use advanced display technologies for high-quality visuals. Specifics regarding the display technology, resolution, and screen size can vary based on the model.

  • Sound System: Bang & Olufsen is renowned for its audio quality, and the BeoVision 14 feature an integrated sound system designed to deliver impressive audio performance. They include built-in speakers and advanced audio processing.

  • Smart TV Capabilities: The BeoVision 14 might offer Smart TV features, allowing users to access streaming services, apps, and online content directly on the television. They include connectivity options for accessing the internet.

  • Motorized Stand & Wall Mount Options: Some Bang & Olufsen TVs, including the BeoVision 14, may come with motorized stand options or support for wall mounting. This allows users to adjust the viewing angle and position with ease. (Option)

  • Connectivity: The television likely includes multiple connectivity options, such as HDMI ports, USB ports, and potentially wireless connectivity like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

  • Integration with Bang & Olufsen Systems: The BeoVision 14 may be designed to integrate seamlessly with other Bang & Olufsen audio and video components, providing a cohesive and high-end home entertainment experience.

Beovision 14 - 55

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