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The BeoSound 9000 is a premium audio product by Bang & Olufsen, a Danish company renowned for its high-quality audio and video systems. The BeoSound 9000 is an iconic music system that was introduced in the late 20th century and became a classic in the world of audio equipment.

Key features of the BeoSound 9000 typically include:

  • Design: The BeoSound 9000 is known for its distinctive and eye-catching design. It features a sleek and slender profile with a unique arrangement of six CD slots, giving it a visually striking appearance that sets it apart from traditional CD players.

  • CD Playback: The BeoSound 9000 is primarily a CD player, capable of playing standard audio CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs. Its six-CD slot mechanism allows for convenient loading of multiple discs, and it can automatically switch between them for continuous playback.

  • Advanced Functions: The BeoSound 9000 usually offers various advanced functions, such as random play, repeat play, and programmable playlists, giving users control over their listening experience.

  • Integrated FM Radio

  • Compatibility: Besides its own speakers, the BeoSound 9000 can be connected to other Bang & Olufsen speakers and systems, enabling users to create multi-room setups or expand their audio experience.

  • Remote Control optional: The BeoSound 9000 typically with a remote control that allows users to manage the playback and various functions from a distance.

  • Display: It features a clear display that shows essential information such as track details, playback status, and settings.

Beosound 9000 MKIII - New CD Mech Fitted

SKU: 19468046
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  • 2006

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