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The Beoplay A6 is a wireless speaker system produced by Bang & Olufsen, a Danish consumer electronics company known for its high-end audio and video products. The Beoplay A6 is designed to deliver powerful and immersive sound in a stylish and compact package.


Key features of the Beoplay A6 include:


  • Design: The Beoplay A6 has a distinctive and modern design, often described as a piece of furniture rather than just a speaker. It is crafted with premium materials, including a wool-blend fabric cover.

  • Acoustic Performance: This speaker is engineered to provide high-quality sound with a focus on clear midrange frequencies and deep bass. It utilizes a 2.1 stereo setup with four active drivers (two 30-watt tweeters, two 60-watt midrange drivers) and a single 60-watt woofer.

  • Wireless Connectivity: The Beoplay A6 supports wireless connectivity via Bluetooth, Apple Irplay 2 and Chromecast allowing you to stream music wirelessly from your compatible devices.

  • Multiroom Functionality: It is part of Bang & Olufsen's multiroom audio system, enabling you to connect and synchronize multiple compatible speakers throughout your home for a seamless audio experience.

  • Touch Controls: The top of the speaker features touch-sensitive controls, allowing you to adjust volume, play/pause music, and skip tracks with a simple touch.

  • Streaming Services: The Beoplay A6 is designed to work seamlessly with popular streaming services, providing access to a wide range of music content.

Beoplay A6

SKU: 29050903
  • 2024 (Refurbished Product by Bang & Olufsen 2 Year Warranty)

Shipping outside of the United Kingdom is chargeable. Please contact us for a quotation before you checkout. Please also note that it will be your responsibility to pay any import taxes into your country

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