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The BeoLab 6000 is a popular speaker model from Bang & Olufsen, known for its sleek design and high-quality sound. Here are some key features and details about the BeoLab 6000:

  • Design:

    • Slim and elegant design, suitable for various interiors.
    • Available in multiple colors including black, white, and silver.
    • Made from high-quality materials such as aluminum, contributing to both its aesthetics and durability.
  • Sound Quality:

    • Equipped with two built-in amplifiers per speaker.
    • Delivers clear and powerful sound, suitable for both music and home theater systems.
    • Features Adaptive Bass Linearization (ABL) technology for enhanced bass performance.
  • Connectivity:

    • Can be connected to various audio sources, including Bang & Olufsen audio systems.
    • Compatible with other Bang & Olufsen products, allowing for integration into a multi-room setup.
  • Placement:

    • Versatile placement options; can be floor-standing or wall-mounted.
    • Designed to blend seamlessly into any environment while providing exceptional sound quality.

Beolab 6000 Black Aluminium

SKU: 19887726
  • 2007

Shipping outside of the United Kingdom is chargeable. Please contact us for a quotation before you checkout. Please also note that it will be your responsibility to pay any import taxes into your country

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