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BeoLab 2 is a subwoofer speaker model produced by Bang & Olufsen, a Danish high-end audio and video company. The BeoLab 2 is known for its sleek design and powerful bass performance, intended to complement other speakers in the Bang & Olufsen BeoLab series.

Key features of the BeoLab 2 typically include:

  • Design: Bang & Olufsen is renowned for its attention to design aesthetics, and the BeoLab 2 is no exception. It often has a stylish and minimalist appearance that can blend well with various interior styles.

  • Acoustic Performance: The BeoLab 2 is designed to deliver deep and accurate bass, enhancing the overall audio experience when used in conjunction with other BeoLab speakers or audio setups.

  • Active Subwoofer: The BeoLab 2 is an active subwoofer, meaning it has its built-in amplifier and can process the low-frequency signals independently. This allows for more precise control over the bass output.

  • Bass Management: It typically features adaptive bass linearization (ABL), which is Bang & Olufsen's technology to optimize the bass response and prevent distortion at higher volumes.

  • Connectivity: The BeoLab 2 is designed to be compatible with various audio systems and devices. It usually offers different input options to connect to sources like home theater systems, audio receivers, or even directly to compatible Bang & Olufsen audio equipment.

Beolab 2 Subwoofer

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  • 2007

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