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High-quality (HQ) PowerLink cable for superior performance.


PowerLink Mk3 cables allows connection of Bang & Olufsen music and video systems with 8-pin DIN PowerLink socket connections. Our cables will work with current and past systems to include the following loudspeakers:


BeoLab 1 | BeoLab 2 (Subwoofer) | BeoLab 3 | BeoLab 4 | BeoLab 7.1 | BeoLab 7.2 | BeoLab 7.4 | BeoLab 7.6 | BeoLab 9 | BeoLab 10 | BeoLab 11 (Subwoofer) | BeoLab 2500 | BeoLab 4000 | BeoLab 6000 | BeoLab 6002 | BeoLab 8000 | BeoLab 8002


These cables are NOT compatible with BeoLab 5, BeoLink Passive (Link room system) or the older MCL2P (Link system.)


Please also note that our range of cables can be used with BeoLab loudspeakers that have displays, although the display itself will not function.




Technical Specifications


8-Pin DIN Plug to 8-Pin DIN Plug (HQ OFC Screening)

Very High Quality, Low Loss Screened Copper Cable (with individual screening for high performance audio transfer)

Small cable diameter of just 4 mm for greater flexibility of placement and installation

Auto switch on/off signal and voltage referencing

8-Pin DIN to 8-Pin DIN - PowerLink Speaker Cables | Mk3

  • Brand New 

Shipping outside of the United Kingdom is chargeable. Please contact us for a quotation before you checkout. Please also note that it will be your responsibility to pay any import taxes into your country

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