The cutting edge, 4K/UHD display enables you to watch content in 4 times the amount of detail of full high definition and the integrated three channel speakers allow you to hear every little detail in whatever you choose to watch or listen to.


The sublime optional motorised floor stand has 85 motorised parts within it which allow the television to spin on its base whilst pivoting on the pole, allowing you to turn the screen up to 90 degrees on the 55" version and 60 degrees for the 75" and 85" in either direction. Also available on a fixed or motorised wall bracket and the 55" is also available on a motorised table stand,


BeoVision Avant is perfect for any living space, especially an open plan room, as the television can be programmed to sit back, parellel with the wall when it is switched off and then when switched on, the television will turn and face your seating area. This option is available with both the motorised floor stand and the motorised wall bracket.


Adding to this effect, when the television is turned on, the superb integrated speaker system will drop down from underneath the screen and slowly unfurl itself, and once the television is sent into standby, the speaker will compress itself and rise back up out of sight.



Ultra High-Definition (4k) - The art of imagery

Every BeoVision Avant is meticulously tested and perfected at our factory, an exquisite process of technology and refinement that delivers Ultra High-Definition (4K) imagery with unrivalled impact. Even when the screen is bathed in full daylight, the adaptive contrast algorithm ensures pitch-black shadows so your eyes can enjoy the experience without strain. Experience the most extreme sports or action footage with crystal sharp, dynamic precision. The Ultra High-Definition screen combines local dimming across more than 8 million pixels, bringing out the tiniest details in the action. The Adaptive mode of BeoVision Avant constantly and automatically adjust the picture, but you can also select among dedicated settings that allow you to optimise your viewing experience for advanced gaming, watching your favourite film or projecting external media. BeoVision Avant dampens disturbing screen reflections by more than 98% by using high-grade anti-reflection coating on the front and rear surfaces of the flawless, dual-layer reinforced glass.



Ground-breaking impact with unfolding sound

BeoVison Avant is a celebration of movement. An unforgettable fusion of Ultra High-Definition (4K) picture and iconic Bang & Olufsen sound, that unfolds before your very eyes. Precision tuned to Bang & Olufsen's most exacting standard, BeoVision Avant redefines the audio impact a TV can deliver. The 3-channel speaker system harnesses three dedicated tweeters, three midrange units and two powerful bass drivers. The result is a fusion of clarity and power that truly embodies Bang & Olufsen's commitment to ultimate sound. The dedicated centre speaker sits directly below the screen, enhancing the connection between you and the actors with exceptional clarity of speech. You will hear even the smallest details in the dialogue and nuances in the soundscape – allowing you to become fully immersed in the story. Hidden inside the sleek, minimalist exterior lies a truly ground-breaking, fully integrated sound system. Whether you are listening to integrated music services such as Spotify or Deezer, or accessing countless internet radio stations, you can now enjoy all your favourite tunes in one place – a truly liberating solution with iconic Bang & Olufsen acoustic performance.

BeoVision Avant manages your speaker output depending on your setup and taste. In a full surround setup with two additional front speakers, a subwoofer and two rear speakers, BeoVision Avant devotes all its built-in drivers to dialogue. Alternatively, BeoVision Avant can replace the two additional front speakers by splitting its own drivers into dedicated right, left and centre channels. For the most flexible and discreet full-surround setup incorporate our Immaculate Wireless Sound speakers for multi-channel wireless audio.


Progressive Design

One beautiful movement 89 years of craft

The distinctive beauty in the movement of BeoVision Avant is the culmination of fearless design and innovation. Every Bang & Olufsen design has been a step forward, and each iteration has lead up to the BeoVision Avant – 89 years of craft in one beautiful movement. The design philosophy of BeoVision Avant celebrates smooth, natural transitions. The seamless flow of the glass screen into the high-gloss, black anodised aluminium frame is a feat of incredible subtlety and detail.Our attention to detail also applies to the rear part of BeoVision Avant. A sleek, minimalist delight that hides connectors, unsightly card readers, vents, screws and cables out of sight, including a dedicated compartment for your Apple TV.

Beoremote One

At Bang & Olufsen, we insist on providing intuitive and easy access to the experience with only one remote. BeoRemote One is the embodiment of this philosophy. Your BeoRemote 1 has dedicated buttons that allow you to revisit your favourite internet radio stations, TV channels or custom setups with a single touch. BeoRemote One is crafted from a single, extruded piece of aluminium. The solid, ergonomic design is so perfectly weighted you won’t want to put it down again.


Includes Motorised floor stand or wall bracket.

Beovision Avant-55 4K UHD LCD Television (8642)

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