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'Finally, a brilliant cable solution to allow you to connect a device to your BeoLab 2000'


We are pleased to bring to market this new range of BeoLab 2000 AUX cables. The long-awaited cable solution will allow you to connect any device with a 3.5mm headphones/audio OUT connectionto BeoLab 2000. Typical examples include, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android device, TV, computer etc etc. The cable, which consists of two sections (see photographs) connects to the device at one end and the MasterLink plug (BeoLab 2000), at the other. You will require a B&O remote control, such as a BeoLink 1000 or Beo4, to setup the BeoLab 2000 in to AUX mode. Having setup, you may also wish to control volume level, switch on and off/standby using the remote - although control can be achieved using the hands-on control panel to BeoLab 2000. The setup process is only made once and does not need to be done each and every time you switch ON BeoLab 2000. The only time you will need to re-programme is if you switch off at the mains or have a power cut.


This solution allows for complete 'stand-alone' use of the BeoLab 2000 as a loudspeaker. You do not need any other product or a connection to a main B&O setup in order to use in this setup (other than your connected device, of course - iPad etc.).


We have these available in a range of different lengths - Ideal should you have your BeoLab 2000 wall mounted and you need a longer cable.


We also have different source connection types available, such as RCA plugs. Please contact us if you need a different source connection prior to placing your order.


An Instruction set is included with your purchase, for the programming of BeoLab 2000 into AUX source mode.









Technical Specifications


Bang & Olufsen specified cable

ML Plug to 3.5 mm Jack Plug (HQ OFC Screening)

ML Plug (with inner metal screening case)

Very High Quality, Low Loss Screened MasterLink Cable (with individual screening for high performance audio transfer)

White plastic cased ML connector with metal internally shielded case

Individually screened and shielded Left / Right audio channel signal channels

3.5 Jack Plug to BeoLab 2000 MasterLink Cable

  • Brand New 

Shipping outside of the United Kingdom is chargeable. Please contact us for a quotation before you checkout. Please also note that it will be your responsibility to pay any import taxes into your country